Why free range is the best

We believe that it is possible to offer a catering service with a conscience.

We use free range and free farmed products only in our kitchen and every day we can see and taste the difference that healthy farming techniques produce.

At The Sauce Kitchen we source premium ingredients from Canterbury
We love using and supporting our local suppliers who take care and pride in their products in the same way as we do, and it is so much easier to create delicious tasting menus for you and your guests

Westwood Genuine Free Range chicken from West Melton, produce an amazing product on land that is fertile and using a true free ranging system with moveable sheds small batch sizes and sunshine and trees for shelter. No antibiotics and no growth promotants.

Holy Smoke have been making true artisan smoked products for over 15 years and lucky for us are just down the road, We love their double smoked dry curing techniques. They have over the years responded to our requirements for free range and free farmed bacon and have sourced product from free range and free farm producers currently we are using Cressy Farm for our pork where there sows are living free range with huts containing straw bedding, and space to graze – no stalls or crates to be seen.

Mariano Spanish Products has won 3 times over The Cuisine Magazine Artisan Awards for his unique Spanish products – we have loved this handcrafted sausage ever since he walked into our High Street store in 2009 with a big grin and a coil of sausage to sell. He uses Murellen free range pork from Ashburton and imports his spices from his homeland in Spain.

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