Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

  1. Confirmation is required from the client for all provisional and final bookings. Bookings are finalised only when confirmation is received from The Sauce Kitchen Caterers.
  2. Credit terms are only available to corporate clients who order on a regular basis and will be subject to satisfactory credit references and maintenance of the account within the payment term.

For corporate clients we request payment for first order by direct credit, credit card or cheque, Thereafter an account would be set up if you are a corporate client and order on a regular basis. Cheques to be made payable to “The Sauce Kitchen Ltd”. Direct credit to be paid at least 4 days prior to your order, cheques to be paid 7 days prior to you order and credit card can be paid the day before your order. We can also accept payment by credit card as security only, until the payment is received.

For clients with credit facilities The Sauce Kitchen invoices is / are due for payment within 14 days of the invoice date.

  1. Numbers For small catered events (50 people or less) The Sauce Kitchen requires a final number of guests at least 2 working days before an event. Unless otherwise agreed, such final numbers will be the minimum number invoiced for but numbers may be increased up to 24 hours before the event subject to availability of food, staff and equipment.

Medium catered events ( 50 – 100 people ) 7days prior to the event.

For large events (100 people or more) 20 days notice of final numbers are required.

  1. Deposit Unless agreed and/or a credit account has been set up, the following terms will apply. A deposit will be required of $250 or 25% of the estimated food and beverage charge (whichever is greater) payable upon confirmation of booking. The Sauce Kitchen Ltd will require a progress payment at time of confirmation of numbers and the final payment will be paid on the day of the event. An invoice will be sent out if additional costs are incurred (such as staff working over standard billed time /or losses and or breakages) which would be payable within 7 days.
  2. Cancellations Cancellation Any cancellation of an event by the client must be notified to The Sauce Kitchen in writing and for extremely short notice followed by a phone call to ensure receipt of cancellation. In the event of such cancellation the following percentages of the quoted price will be payable by the customer to the The Sauce Kitchen Ltd:

For small catered events ( 50 people or less ) cancellation of 24 hours – 48hours prior loss of deposit or 25% of the invoice price (whichever is the lesser ) Cancellations made on the same day of the event 100% of the invoice price.

For medium catered events (50-100 people ) cancellation 6 days prior loss of deposit or 25% of the invoice price (whichever is the lesser )  Cancellations made 48 hours prior to the event incur a loss of 50% of the invoice price.  Cancellations made on the same day of the event 100% of the invoice price.

For large catered events (100 people or more ) cancellation 19 days prior loss of deposit (25% of the invoice price) Cancellations made 10 days prior to the event incur a loss of 50% of the invoice price.  Cancellations made 48hours before the event incur a loss of  100% of the invoice price.

  1. Delivery is as per quoted price. We endeavour to meet all delivery deadlines however we cannot be held responsible for late deliveries when circumstances are beyond our control. When reqesting your booking time allow 15-20 minutes lead in time.  Please ensure that entry to the premises is accessible and that someone will be available to accept the product.
  2. Equipment The client is wholly responsible for all equipment from the time of delivery until collection. The client should, in their own interest, ensure that all such equipment is insured. Any breakages, loss or damage will be charged to the client at full replacement cost.
  3. Collection As far as possible the collection of equipment is done on the following working day after the date of delivery, unless a same day collection is requested. Client needs to ensure all plates etc are ready for collection in a central point. Any losses will be charged for.
  4. Staff When staff are calculated as a separate item, they are charged at a session rate (5 hour session), any extra hours worked are charged at the hourly rate. Additional hours incurred on a function will be charged after the event. It is normal to allow travelling time for events held outside of Christchurch City Central.
  5. Complaint Any complaint shall be made promptly and in any event must be received at the company’s office in writing addressed to the Managing Director.
  6. All menus may be amended at short notice, subject to availability. As professional caterers we will notify the client of these changes where possible. ·
  7. Allergens Please note our products may contain allergens.
  8. The Client will be responsible for and will indemnify The Sauce Kitchen Ltd fully against all claims, costs, acts, damage or liability arising due to the act, neglect or default of the Client or of any person for whom the Client is responsible.

The Client agrees to accept the terms and conditions imposed by any sub contractor or venue booked on the clients behalf by The Sauce Kitchen Ltd.

  1. Force Majeure If due to war, strikes, industrial action short of a strike, lockouts, accidents, fire, blockades, import or export embargo, ice, obstruction, natural catastrophes, government intervention, national or local disaster, terrorism or other such events beyond The Sauce Kitchen Caterers control, The Sauce Kitchen is unable to perform its obligations to the Client, The Sauce Kitchen will be under no liability to the Client for any loss or damage which may be incurred by the Client.

On accepting our services you the client accepts our terms and conditions