Reception Menus

Standing Reception Menu

Keep the party going by bringing out new items to surprise your guests, starting with delightful canapés, later in the evening we offer something a little more substantial such as tapas or small plates dishes to allow people to feel that they have eaten well. Pretty sweet items follow and later in the evening a few supper items as your guests dance into the evening.

Staffing costs are not included in the menu price.

Passed small food – little tastes for all to enjoy



Yorkshire puddings, roast beef, French mustard & watercress Saffron risotto pyramids with Parmesan, bacon and Mariano’s chorizo (GF)

Free range chicken tostadas with lime and coriander (GF, DF )

Wood smoked salmon with aioli, capers & lemon on potato rosti (GF)

Thai style filled spinach leaves with roasted coconut with peanut and ginger (GF, DF)

Falafel patties with hummus mint and labneh (V)

Moroccan free range chicken bastilla –sweet & savoury in filo tulips

Prawn lemongrass and lime salad in wooden boats with smallware fork (GF)


Pollo rollo – Westwood free range chicken with spinach and pistachio

Beef fillet lollipop wrapped in free range bacon (GF)


Spice dusted lamb cutlet
with a garlic herb crust and daupinoise potatoes
served on wooden tasting plates with mini forks

Pork belly braised in almond milk
served with micro greens (GF)
served on tasting plates with mini forks

Baby beetroot and goats cheese
with honey caramel walnuts and micro greens

Sweet items

Raspberry cheesecake in clear smallware with mini spoons

Tiramasu in clear smallware with mini spoons (V)

Belgian chocolate dipped strawberries (GF)


Sausage rolls – original, cheese and pineapple and curry

Pizza strips – Marianos chorizo, Sundried tomato, cream cheese red pepper (V)

French Family Style Menu One

French Family style is where the food is plated on larger platters on the centre of the table and the guests help themselves from the centre just like at home. This is nice for the guests as there is minimal wait for the table to be served. The plates are traditionally replenished throughout the meal.
Staffing and equipment costs are not included in the menu price.

Platters on the table for you to share


Canapés (x4)

Dukkah lamb on polenta with beetroot chutney
Prawn and Mariano’s chorizo bandarillas
Spinach roulade with sundried tomato pesto

Freshly baked bread
Green herb butter, Salmon baked whole salmon, Tartare dip

Red wine marinated beef fillet
Westwood free range chicken with sage & onion stuffing
Dauphinoise potatoes
Roast Portobello mushrooms
Green salad – Cobb salad, Romaine lettuce, avocado, free range bacon

Profiteroles with crème patisserie and chocolate
Vacherin, meringue cups filled with berries & cream
Lemon tartlets

French Family Style Menu Two

Platters on the table for you to share


Canapés (x5)

Yorkshire pudding with roast beef, mustard & watercress
Moroccan chicken bastilla
Wood smoked salmon tartlets
Mushrooms, thyme and walnuts

Freshly baked bread
Pesto parmesan butter, chicken liver pâté, cornichons

Lamb cutlets with rosemary, lemon and garlic
Freedom farm pork loin with herb stuffing
New potatoes with mint and crème fraiche
Sauce beehive honey glazed spring carrots
Spinach salad, grapes, croutons and pomegranate dressing

Almond and Belgian chocolate meringues with whipped cream
Seasonal poached fruit compote
Chocolate truffles